Was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to deal with issues with my Mom and her consantly going on about my weight gain. I know i am overweight, probably weigh 220 lbs and am only 5'10 so not a tall guy and have gained at least 20-30 lbs in 12 months, and I know she is doing it because she wants me to be happy and healthy (she is a lovely person and a wonderful mom and doesn't do it to be spiteful ) but it hurts me so much. I live away at college but can get home easily and visit often but each time I do the stares at my belly and constant remarks make me want to disappear. Any time I bring it up about her making me feel bad she just gets hurt which in turn makes me feel guilty. Does anyone have any advice or stuff I can send her to read? I do want to lose weight as I feel awful in myself but its making me not want to visit home which sucks as I love my family and get on well with all of them. Don't want it to get to situation where I need to lose weight to go home.


Emailied her Friday and she rang me Sunday night. I could tell she was a still a bit hurt but she was lovely to me and said lots of nice things. She won't bring it up again unless I do and said it wasn't that she was embarrased about it (I sort of thought she might be as I know some of her friends and our family can be very judgemental) just wants me to be healthy. I am relieved with how she took it. thanks for your advice and to everyone who commented, you're lovely people :)


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